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Your civil partnership will be as individual as you are, and whether you are choosing a popular and traditional white or pink ceremony theme, are opting for a non-traditional route, or are falling somewhere in the middle, it doesn’t matter, because at Mobile Bar Hire we can create a personalised drinks and service package for your special day.

For example, if you are planning a white wedding in a very traditional theme then we can organise for an unobtrusive, coordinated white bar to be set up at your wedding reception, and even in the interim between the ceremony and the reception to keep your guests hydrated while you’re having your professional photographs taken. All of our mobile bars are constructed onsite to ensure they are stable and sturdy and will last long after the last dance. You can also be sure that our sleek white mobile bar will have everything needed to serve all drinks orders so there will be no delays in service. We can also set up a traditional mobile bar at your white wedding on a tab to be paid at the end of the night.

This means you can choose a selection of beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks for your guests to choose from and they can enjoy a few drinks on you. Or you may be going the increasingly popular non-traditional route for your special day with the bride in a coloured dress rather than white or choosing bridesmen or you’re simply paying for the wedding yourselves and the choices are therefore boundless and up to you and your fiance alone. If this is the case we have a range of unique mobile bars which can become a special part of your special day. You can choose a colour for your wedding bar which ties in with the theme colours you have chosen, or you can choose one of our bars with unique lighting displays to make it a real feature. You can also have your bar set up for your guests to pay for their own drinks, or you can pay to subsidise some of the cost too. Our Mobile Bar Systems are available in a vast range of different colours for your event. You could go one step further and have some drinks in different colours ie. Blue or pink cocktails etc.